Dunlop Form 65 Fingerboard Condition 02


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**This item is a part of our current accessory promo. Please note you must purchase at least two accessory items in stock from our site to receive the discount.**

For sale at JAMS is a Dunlop Form 65 Fingerboard Condition 02. This product is part of two step process. Fingerboard Prep 01 does an excellent job of removing heavy dirt and grim off your fretboard. Fingerboard Condition 02 keeps the fretboard from drying out. This listing is for the Formula 65 Fingerboard Condition 02 only. JAMS is an authorized dealer for Dunlop Accessories. They produce a plethora of excellent gear and are our preferred brand for guitar accessories. Thanks for choosing JAMS.

Prevents warping and cracking while replenishing the proper oil balance of the wood.

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