Yamaha P125 88 Digital Piano Black w/Matching Stand


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Yamaha P125

(This listing is for the P-125 Digital Piano with  the matching floor stand in the pictures. Stand Part # L-125B.)

The Yamaha P-125 Digital Piano is a fantastic option for a realistic piano playing experience. There's nothing like the sound and response from a real piano, but let's face it, between the size, maintenance of constant tuning, and the difficulty to move or transport a full size piano, digital is the practical way to go. Fortunately, modern technology has paved the way for some amazing reproductions of authentic piano sounds. There's no better company to choose a digital piano than from Yamaha. They've been making high quality pianos since the beginning of the century, oh, of 1900. And they've been making digital pianos for decades so it's hard not to trust this great and versatile company that has rich piano heritage. 

The P125 is a feature rich keyboard that offers a lot of great features, but not too many to overwhelm you. (If you need something even more basic we recommend the P-45 so check out our listing for the details on that model.)  Yamaha paid attention to details on the P125. It features the GHS weighed key action that gives you a realistic touch, providing a higher touch on the bass side and a lighter touch on the treble side, similar to a real piano. You'll also notice a matte finish on the keys that gives you a familiar feel and touch of the keys.  The keyboard features 24 different voices, sampling the most coveted tones of grand pianos, organs, electric pianos and the oh so loved harpsichord. You have plenty of settings to adjust the sensitivity, add reverb, add string resonance, and many other nuances to enhance the playing experience. Of course if you just want to turn it on and start playing its ready to go and provides a great exceptional tone without the minor tweaks. 

The keyboard has lots of great connectivity options as well. The keyboard comes equipped with onboard speakers providing enough volume for casual playing at home. It has a headphone jack for playing quietly. It has 1/4" auxiliary outputs; USB for midi control and connecting to your favorite recording software. Also, Yamaha has done a great job of creating apps to giving the piano playing experience a modern element. (Note, most apps are IOS) Also, we won't overlook that this space saving keyboard weighs about 26lbs, so no back breaking efforts to move this keyboard from room to room or house to house. If you are looking for great digital piano to practice, learn, or teach, then the P125 is a superb option. 

JAMS is an authorized Yamaha dealer. This P125 is in new condition and features a full factory warranty. The P125 includes an attachable sheet music stand and power supply as well as a damper pedal.   This product is available in our store location.  Thanks for choosing JAMS.

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