CTS Guitar Pot 500k 3/8" Shaft Length Push Pull


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CTS Potentiometer for guitar volume/tone controls. Brand new condition. 500k resistance value is standard for most humbucker pickups. Push Pull switch feature is a great option for using split coil/coil tap wire configurations. This pot is a great option for many types of guitars with humbucker pickups. Available at JAMS for pickup.  Thanks for choosing JAMS.

**On most guitars the mounting hole on the guitar or pickguard will need to be modified for these pots to fit properly. You will need a .25" diameter hole for the shaft for this pot to fit. I have found that most guitars have smaller size holes. I often have to make this mod at the shop when I add aftermarket pots.  For questions call in the store and ask to speak to a tech.**


CTS pots with a 3/8” bushing length; shaft diameter is .24". Pot depth is approx. 1" so make sure your body cavity is deep enough. The shaft is a fine (24 tooth) knurl. Nut ,washer, and lock washer are included.


Add a switch to your guitar using the existing holes in your pick guard or body. High quality CTS Push/Pull DPDT switches can be used to add phase switching, coil tapping, series/parallel, etc. to your guitar without having to drill the holes for a mini switch. These Split-shaft pots are compatible with 24- spline, fine knurled knobs and feature a precise audio taper. Hex nuts, flat washer, and lock washer are included with each pot. 

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