JAMS Microphone Cable XLR 3 Pin M/F 1ft


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Standard Microphone Cable made with Neutrik XLR Nickel Connectors and Rapco Mic1.K cable. 1 Foot in length

Hand made in store by the local cable technician.  

Thanks for choosing JAMS.

Cable Specs:

  • Cable:                                           MIC1
  • Conductor Gauge:                         (2)24 gauge
  • Shield:                                           Bare annealed copper serve
  • Shield Coverage:                           95%
  • Jacket:                                          Matte PVC
  • O.D.                                             0.230"
  • Capacitance:                                 21 pF/ft. @ 1 kHz
  • Cond.-Shield Capacitance:            37 pF/ft. @ 1 kHz
  • Characteristic Impedance:             70Ω NOMINAL
  • D.C. Resistance @ 20°C:             23Ω/1000

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