Used Orange Terror Stamp Pedal Size Amp


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Used Orange Terror Stamp. The amp is in excellent condition with little signs of use or wear. Fully functional and ready to use. Comes with box, papers, and power supply. 

JAMS Description:

Are you a big fan of the Orange Terror Series amps?  With the Orange Terror Stamp you get that great coveted tone in a super small footprint.  The Terror Stamp fits nicely on your pedalboard and features an effects loop and cab simulator. Perfect for those looking for a nice simple and portable setup. The Terror Stamp doesn't sacrifice on tone either. It pushes 20 watts of power utilizing a 12AX7 tube preamp section.  The Gain, Shape, and Volume controls are enough to get a wide palette of tone suitable for a nice pedal platform. In fact the pedal has two different Volume Controls and using the footswitch allows you to switch between the two volume settings. Practically, it could be used as a boost control. A great new product from our friends at Orange Amps.

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