Used Wampler "The Doctor" Lo-Fi Delay Pedal


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For sale at JAMS is a used Wampler Lo-Fi Delay Pedal. This pedal is in great working condition. Cosmetically in great condition, some dust in the crevices, but no major signs or wear. Comes with a strip of velcro on the back. Available in our store location or order it online and get it shipped to your door. Thanks for choosing JAMS. 

Wampler Description:

A few years ago Brad Paisley requested we build him a delay specially for a project he was working on, that project was an album called Wheelhouse. He wanted something that was more dreamy, that had a more airy texture that can easily send the repeats into self-oscillation. Something that can create a mood based purely on the delay line itself. First seen online as the SkyLine Delay proto, which then had it’s name changed to Wheelhouse (in tribute to the album) proto, it is now available as The Doctor. Sitting somewhere between the Faux Tape Echo v2 (usability and features) and the Ethereal (in terms of ambient response) The Doctor is the most practical and easy to use ambient delay available. With a perfect tap tempo and 4 sub divisions, a stunning tape like emulation built in, putting all these features together makes the Doctor the perfect partner if you praise and worship, have a radiohead or just need to be comfortably numb. As you have come to expect with a Wampler, the through signal remains untouched - after the signal goes in, it is split and the effected signal is laid back on top of the original, making sure your guitar signal leaves the pedal as perfect as it goes in. After all, this is all about your tone and adding to it... Giving you the best tone possible!

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