Vox AC15C1 1x12" 15-Watt Tube Combo Amp


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VOX AC15C1 15 Watt Tube Combo Amp

The Vox AC15 is a fan favorite here at JAMS and with good reason. Since we opened our doors in 2013 we have been dealers for Vox Amps and the AC15 has been there as the prized pig. It maybe old school and lacks the latest bells and whistles, but with tone this pure why mess it up. The Top Boost circuit has been the staple for many of classic rock guitarist throughout the decades. The AC15 is a great amp for a pedal platform and features an excellent digital reverb and Tremolo effect. Plug it in, fire it up and be amazed by the amazing tone that comes from such a simple amp. At 15 watts the amp produces plenty of power. Use it in a club venue our mic up the Celestion Greenback 12" to feed it in the house. If you are looking from something tried and true then the AC15C1 is your choice. 

Thanks for checking it out at JAMS. Visit our store location to see this unit in person or take advantage of our shipping option and have this sent to your door! This item qualifies for our financing option. We are direct dealers for Vox amps. This amp is in new condition and has a full factory warranty. For more information or further details please contact us.

Factory Specs:


15 Watts RMS
16 Ohms


1 x 12″ Celestion G12M Greenback (AC15C1)


1 x Normal Input Jack
1 x Top Boost Input Jack
1 x Foot Switch Jack


1 x External Speaker Jack
1 x Extension Speaker Jack


Master Volume, Master Tone Cut, Normal Volume, Top Boost Volume, Top Boost Bass, Top Boost Treble, Speaker Level, Tremolo (Depth, Speed)




602 x 265 x 456 mm | 23.70 x 10.43 x 17.95 inches
22 kg | 48.5 lbs


VFS2 Foot Switch



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