Yamaha TRBX174 4 String Electric Dark Blue Metallic


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You’re the bedrock of your music. The foundation. The fundamental. The Bass Player. But you've never a played a day in your life. You need a good solid, yet affordable piece to learn with. Why not trust Yamaha Guitars to introduce you into the world of 4 string bliss. They've been suppling beginning musicians with acoustics, electrics, and bass guitars for decades. With the TRBX174 you know you will get a great quality instrument that will help you develop the skills you need.

This is a standard 4 string bass with a split coil pickup and single coil pickup for excellent versatility. It has a volume control for each pickup to adjust the perfect blend and a tone control. Basic and clean with the Dark Blue Metallic finish.

This listing is for the TRBX174 4 string bass guitar in Dark Blue Metallic. The TRBX 174 series from Yamaha is a great affordable option that is perfect for your first bass guitar. It features a wide palette of tone options that can accommodate a variety of musical genres. It has the craftsmanship and hardware to provide you with a dependable student model or home practice bass.  JAMS is an authorized dealer for Yamaha instruments. This model is in new condition and features a full factory warranty.  Check out this bass in our store location or take advantage of our shipping options. Thanks for checking it out and thanks for choosing JAMS.

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