Rapco Studio G5 Instrument 20ft w/JAMS Logo Shrink


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Ahh, the instrument cable. The connection of life between guitar and amp. You could spend thousands on your equipment and yet the ultimate performance of your gear comes down to a simple guitar cord. There's all kinds of options out there from all kinds of brands. Anything from a random cheap cord found in the shoe string box of a thrift store to a prized over priced 24k solid gold, diamond incrusted, state of the art designed masterpiece.  It's a guitar cable, right? It shouldn't be complicated. Well, it actually can be quite complicated but at JAMS we think we've got a great option of performance and price.

Introducing the Rapco Studio G5 instrument cable. This cable has all the goods where it counts and skips out on the overhype. It features an 18 AWG core for great signal clarity and a 95% Braid Shield to eliminate that unwanted noise. The cable has hand soldered 1/4" gold plated connectors and features exclusive JAMS logo shrink wrap. This cable is great for stage or studio and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. A great cable with great performance at a very affordable price.  It's time to upgrade cables and see what a great quality cable can do to the tone of your guitar. Check out this great Rapco Studio G5 instrument. 

This listing is for one 20ft Instrument cable. 1/4" Male to Male straight connectors, Black jacket with Grey Shrink and Black JAMS logo. Factory warranty by Rapco Cables and sold to you by JAMS. Thanks for choosing JAMS. 

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