Graph Tech TUSQ XL Strat Style Nut Flat


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The PQL-5010-00 is a perfect option to replace and upgrade the nut in almost all Fender style electric guitars. It will work in both a flat bottom or curved bottom nut slot due to it's ingenious design. The TUSQ nut is designed to boost the harmonic range and tuning stability of your instrument. The engineered PTFE that these nuts are made out reduces the friction that causes string binding and is meant to be highly resonant. Such precision engineering and high heat/pressure temperament makes these nuts more trusted by builders and players the world around.

Measure           Length           Width            Height                E to E

inches               1.7641"          0.1299"          0.2551"              1.3618"

mm                   44.81mm       3.3mm           6.48mm             34.59mm

Thanks for checking it out at JAMS. Visit our store location to see this unit in person or take advantage of our shipping option and have this sent to your door! For more information or further details please contact us.

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