JAMS Studio Instrument Cable Neutrik 1/4" Connectors Blue


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For sale at JAMS is the JAMS Studio Instrument Cable Neutrik 1/4" Connectors.  A high quality instrument cable with sturdy Neutrik 1/4" Straight connectors on both ends. 

JAMS is the home of high quality custom cables, featuring hand soldered connectors, quality components, top-notch quality, and professional assembly. The Studio Cable features Rapco Studio Instrument Cable.

  • 18 AWG Stranded Bare Copper Center (Average Cables use 22 AWG). 
  • 95% Copper Braid Shield
  • PVC Jacket
  • Electric Blue 
  • Neutrik Professional Series NPX Series 1/4" Male Plugs
  • 10ft Cable Length (Custom Lengths Available upon request)

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