Line 6 Helix Multi-Effects Guitar Floor Pedal


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The Line 6 Helix

Has there ever been a more influential guitar pedal in the history of guitar? Before the Line 6 Helix multi-effects processors were considered a convenient alternative but could not match the true feel and power of a tube amp and pedals. While the debate continues on one thing is for sure, amp modeling and processing is closer than ever as the gap between analog vs digital is razon thin.

But, we are not here to debate but simply celebrate the greatness of the this flagship pedal. It's truly amazing that this pedal launched back in 2015 and still remains at the top of the list to this day. (Could you imagine still using your iPhone from 2015?) But as you dive deep into all its features and hear what it has to offer it still impresses.

JAMS is now a stocking dealer for the Line 6 Helix pedal. If you are ready for all the greatness that the Line 6 Helix offers JAMS is your authorized Line 6 source. Our stock is sold new in box and features a full factory warranty. Of course we have a display unit on the shelf(floor) and ready to demo. So visit our store location and see what this pedal can do. Or if you are already convinced, order it on our website and get it shipped to your door. Thanks for choosing JAMS. 

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