MXR M135 Smart Gate Guitar Pedal


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When a pedal identifies itself as "smart" it makes a person wonder. If you are a smart person then you challenge the fact that a pedal could be smart and immediately conclude that you are automatically smarter. But in the end you decide it would be "smart" to own a pedal that claims to have intelligence. If you are not a smart person you decide you need all the help you can muster thus accepting the fact that you could use a smart pedal. 
With all my random thinking I will conclude for you that the MXR M135 Smart Gate is smart choice for a Noise Gate pedal. Why you say?
The Smart Gate is an intelligent pedal that works depending on how you play. If you are strumming chords the pedal detects this and reacts slowly allowing the chord to sustain without a dramatic cutoff. If you using a faster muted attack the Smart Gate reacts different provided a more dramatic cut-off. So your playing style determines how the pedal responds. Pretty cool. The pedal also has different settings. 
It has a Full mode for effecting wide range frequencies and bass rigs, a Hiss mode for reducing high frequency noise, and Mid mode for noisy guitar amps. You also have the Trigger Level knob that allows you to control the amount of effect. The pedal operates on a 9V battery or separate 9v power supply. 
So if yo are needing a Noise Gate pedal because your pedal chain has too much noise the Smart decision would be the MXR Smart Gate. It is our preferred Noise Gate pedal at JAMS. Thanks for checking it out. Message us for questions or further details. Cheers.

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