MXR A/B Box Switcher M196


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For sale at Jackson Audio & Music Supply is a MXR A/B Switch, Model #M196. This pedal is in new condition and comes with the factory warranty. The M196 is a great pedal if you need to plug one guitar into two different amps. Pedal operates on a 9v battery or separate 9v power supply. Great quality pedal made from a company with an outstanding reputation for quality guitar pedals. 

JAMS is an authorized dealer of MXR pedals. MXR is a great brand with a great pedigree of classic pedals and a creator of new innovative products. MXR is one of our favorite pedal brands and we are proud to offer their best. Check out our website for our current supply of MXR pedals or visit our store location. We offer free shipping in the Continental USA. Thanks for choosing JAMS.  Check out these factory specs:

The A/B Box allows you to route your instrument’s signal to two separate output amp paths. Use it to switch between amps or run them both at the same time with different effect configurations so you can find your ultimate sound. Use the Thru jack to connect to a tuner, amp or other device that you want to receive a constant signal. The A/B Box comes in a heavy-duty die-cast housing with high quality jacks and switches.

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