Meinl Egg Shaker Green


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Jackson Audio & Music Supply is a proud dealer for Meinl Percussion and Sticks. Meinl produces a plethora of options for auxiliary percussion instruments. Whether you are looking for a Cajon, Djembe, or set of Bongos Meinl has you covered. Plus they offer a vast amount of accessories and hand percussion instruments too.  If you are part of the essential crew that keeps the band on beat or "explores the studio space" then check out the offerings of Meinl Percussion. 

Hand Percussion. Meinl Egg Shaker is a simple yet effective percussion element you need. This listing is for 1 Egg Shaker. Colors available include: red, black, yellow, blue, and green. This listing is for a Green colored Shaker. Check them out at our store location or take advantage of our shipping option. 

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