Music Nomad Flannel Polishing Cloth 11" x 15"


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JAMS is proud to welcome Music Nomad products to our catalog. If you take pride in maintaining your instruments then why not trust a company who's sole purpose is to help you keep your gear in top notch shape. From cleaners to innovative tools, Music Nomad meticulously produces essential products for the musician who values taking care of their instruments. 

Music Nomad All Purpose Edgeless 100% Flannel, Non-treated Polishing Cloth 11" x 15". Part Number MN200. This item is sold as one piece. In brand new condition. A great must have product keeping your gear cleaning. Great for using with other great Music Nomad cleaning products. Available at our store location or order it online and we will ship it to your door. Thanks for choosing JAMS.

Product Description:

100% pure flannel non-treated cloth. Safe on all surfaces. Soft & plush fibers. Non-hemmed edge will not scratch

All Purpose Edgeless 100% Pure Flannel Non-Treated Polishing Cloth

The Music Nomad All Purpose Edgeless 100% Pure Flannel Non-Treated Polishing Cloth comes from a company that's passionate about helping independent musicians. This specially designed 100% Flannel Polishing Cloth is safe on all surfaces. Also, the non-hemmed edge is used to avoid scratching your prized instrument, prolonging that fresh-from-the-showroom feel through superior design and quality.

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