Mapex Round Top Double Brace Drum Throne


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In stock at JAMS is this delightfully comfortable drum throne from Mapex Drums. Model # T750A. Whether you need a nice comfortable throne to match that awesome Mapex kit you own, or you just need something of high quality the T750A is going to be an excellent option. JAMS is an authorized dealer for Mapex Drums and accessories. This throne is in new condition and features a full factory warranty. In stock at our store location or take advantage of our shipping option. Full specs are found below. Thanks for choosing JAMS. 


With its 14" x 4" round cushioned top, this throne packs premium comfort with pro-level features. The wide double-braced tripod base makes the T750A stable while the steel spindle height adjustment with memory lock make it both secure to sit on and convenient to adjust.


  • The larger size and added cushioning of the 14" wide x 4" round seat provides a dramatic increase in comfort as young players grow and spend more time sitting behind their drums.
  • The 18" to 26" height range with steel spindle adjustment and memory lock is ideal for advanced players that will often make frequent minor adjustments to their throne height.
  • The double-brace legs with slip-proof rubber feet provide durability and stability.


  • 14 x 4" Thick Round Top Cushioned Seat
  • Soft Vinyl Covering
  • 18" to 25" Threaded Steel Spindle Height Adjustment with Memory Lock
  • Double-Braced Quad Legs
  • Slip-Proof Rubber Feet

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