Ibanez Tube Screamer Nutube *Like New*


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** This model is a Customer Return, sold and returned within 15 days. The Product is in mint condition and fully functional**

For sale at Jackson Audio & Music Supply is an Ibanez Nu Tubescreamer Overdrive pedal. The past meets the future when NuTube technology collides with one of the most classic pedals of all time. Utilizing the latest technology the Nutube design provides the same dynamics and tone of the conventional vacuum tube. This design takes up less than 30% off the space and uses less than 2% of the power consumption.
This technology is combined with the Tube Screamer circuitry creating a more expressive and tone rich experience. The pedal is great to use as a clean boost. It operates with a 9v or 18v power supply, the 18v will provide more clean headroom. The pedal includes all the original controls and has a Mix control to blend your dry tone with the overdrive effect. 
If you are looking for that classic tube overdrive the NTS has that going for it as well. A great upgrade to a classic design.  Power supply sold separate. Visit our store location and check out the pedal in person or take advantage of our shipping option. Thanks for checking it out. For more details about the Nu TubeScreamer pedal or other great Ibanez products check out their website. 

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