Stage Master 1/4" Speaker Cable 6ft


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For sale at Jackson Audio & Music Supply are the Stage Master Instrument Cables. JAMS is a proud dealer for Rapco Brand Cables, who offers Stage Master Cables. RHC is a located just a few miles away from JAMS so we have a great relationship with them. They offer many great cabling solutions and carry great brands such as Rapco, Stage Master, Pro Co, and Lava Cables and also are our supplier for the famous Rat Distortion pedals. Stage Master is the budget line of cables from Rapco.

This cable is 18 Gauge speaker cable with  1/4" Male Connectors on each end. 6 foot in length. A great affordable option for hooking a guitar head to a cab. Thanks for choosing JAMS and thanks for choosing Rapco Cables, one of our great local partners. 

Factory Specs:

  • Designed to be quiet, durable and dependable.
  • Hand soldered to perfection using top quality metal 1/4 inch connectors
  • Extremely low noise twisted pair speaker cable.
  • 18-gauge

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