Used Ibanez AZ242F Tequila Sunrise w/Flex Hard Case


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For sale today at Jackson Audio Music Supply is one ultra fine Ibanez Premier AZ242F in Tequila Sunrise. First things first - this guitar has all the tones you will ever need, the two humbuckers can go back and forth between series and parallel with the mini two way switch and the pickup selector switch is a five-way blade meaning you can get the inner and outer coil as well as double humbucker middle position. If you want sizzling metal tones, country twang , or dark jazz tones this things can serve them up for you! The neck on this instrument is a medium wizard iii neck for perfect shreddage and the instrument features more than usual access bevels at the neck joint to crank the shred into maximum overdrive. This guitar is used being fully functional and cosmetically in good condition with only minor scuffing from a few years of consistent use and studio work. Comes with an Ibanez Flex Hard Case. Also I have the tremolo arm. Thanks for checking it out at JAMS and feel free to message us with nay further inquiries.

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