Yamaha Revstar RS720 Shop Black *Store Demo*


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**This Model is a store Demo. It is a 2020 model that has been in our main store display room. It has received some minor wear from being handled by customers. Nothing significant. It is in excellent condition and fully functional** 

This is a Yamaha Revstar RS720 solid body electric guitar with the Shop Black finish. This guitar comes with a Yamaha well padded gig bag.

JAMS is an authorized dealer for Yamaha Musical Instruments. All instruments go through a thorough inspection and a fresh setup and restring upon purchase. 

Tired of seeing everyone play a Les Paul or a Fender. Looking for a professional instrument with a unique look, classic tone, and updated craftsmanship. Take a look at the Yamaha Revstar Series. This model is a RS720 with the SPB (Shop Black) finish. Yamaha took their time when creating their Revstar series guitar. They wanted something unique yet stylish, practical, and down to earth. Check out these factory specs and descriptions below:

Here are the factory specs:

  • 3-Piece Mahogany Neck
  • Maple and Mahogany Body
  • Flame Maple Laminated (for SPB Color)
  • Hand-Brushed Satin (Steel Wool) Finish
  • Humbucking Pickups/Alnico V
  • Push-Pull "Dry Switch"
  • Bigsby B50


Drawing from the stylish lines and honed performance of the Café Racer bikes that graced the streets of 1960s London, Revstar embraces the concept of being stripped down, tuned up and dialed in.


Attention to detail, heritage and craftsmanship undeniably born in Japan.


Precision crafting and beautiful engineering driven by a desire to reach new heights.

YGD Pickups:

Designed from the ground up, Revstar features specially-wound YGD pickups that are perfectly matched to each guitar. More than 50 prototype pickups were tested featuring different combinations of wire, windings, magnets and base plates. Eventually, a spec was settled on for each guitar model and the Revstar pickup series was born.

VT5 Pickups for RS720 Models:

Alnico V magnets, brass baseplate and underwound polyurethane wire for clear, ringing, low-output tone. [4.3k (neck)/4.9k (bridge) DCR]

Dry Switch:

Designed especially for Revstar, the Yamaha proprietary Dry Switch gives you the versatility of a coil split, but with tone that's miles ahead. Using a passive filter circuit painstakingly designed to give the perfect frequency response, the Dry Switch filters out low frequencies to give the punch and clarity of a single-coil pickup without the inevitable hum and hollow tone often associated with split humbucking pickups. The Dry Switch works on both humbuckers and P90s for a totally unique, usable tone.


Check out Yamaha's website for more details about their Revstar models or their other great instruments. 



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