Exit Toss at Weddings

Our Favorite “Exit Toss” Ideas!

We know, you’ve been dreaming of your big day for quite some time now. Perfecting the chapel decorations, entrance music and every small detail of your look for the moment you enter to see your future husband. Your visualization of your wedding ceremony is absolutely perfect! But have you considered your grand exit as Mr. and Mrs. for the first time? 

Having a fun exit toss is the “cherry on top” to the perfect day. Whether you will be leaving the chapel, the reception hall, or both, planning your grand exit should be on your bridal to-do list! After all, it’s the last few moments your guests will remember of your wedding! 

Here are our favorite exit toss ideas!

Outside Exits:

  1. Bubbles Leaving the Chapel 

Bubbles leaving the Chapel is TOO CUTE of an idea. We love this one! It’s great for a daytime exit and on top of that, your guests get a fun gift (the bubble set!) You can set the bubble and the bubble wand on a small table right as guests enter the chapel or area you’ll be getting married in. A great place to put this is by guestbook or timeline of the ceremony, or even a welcome sign. Certain stores will even customize the bubble set for you. Bubbles are great for photos because they are see-through! So you’re guaranteed to have flawless photos, unharmed by your exit toss. They also capture the sun absolutely beautifully, and just add an extra ounce of happiness for all involved–especially small children who have just sat through your ceremony! It is a wonderful idea and pairs well with uplifting exit music. 

2.Sparkler Tunnel Reception Hall Exit

This popular exit is a no brainer! Fireworks make everything more exciting, and this certainly includes your grand exit. Sparklers are very affordable for large groups and give everyone an extra pop of “pep” as you get ready to head out for the evening. There is so much anticipation in getting everyone organized and all of the sparklers lit. The cheers will be the soundtrack of your grand exit! Having someone in charge of coordinating this usually helps, as by this time in the evening most guests have been indulging in all your wedding has had to offer, including the alcohol, if available. Find a cute bucket (if you can’t find a cute one, make it!) to put all your sparklers in before they are lit and after your exit is finished. You’ll also need a couple of lighters to get some sparklers going, and then the sparklers already lit can light those of their neighbors. This type of an exit also always gives the bride and groom a chance to run through the tunnel again for extra photos because everyone wants to get the full use out of their sparkler! It’s a great idea that we love! 

3. Glitter and/or Sequins

This may be the most magical exit yet! Glitter and/or sequins are a great idea if you’re leaving during the daytime. Who needs a fantastical filter when you’ve got streams of real glitter in your photos already? The sunshine will bounce off of the glitter and you and all your guests will truly feel like you’re in a dream. Start by finding the glitter and/or sequins you’d like to use, and then find some drawstring pouches to pour them into for guests. You can set these at the front upon entrance for your guests, or leave them individually in pews or chairs where your guests will be seated. Make sure you have plenty of room between sides of the tunnel so the glitter does not bunch near your faces for photos! You’ll love the extra flare glitter and/or sequins bring! (NOTE! You can also replace glitter with rose petals or feathers!!) 

Inside Exits: 

  1. Streamers

Paper streamers are so fun! We love it when this is a surprise to the Bride and Groom after their wedding ceremony. Wedding coordinators can pass out streamers to guests, and give them a cue of when to pop them on the way out! Streamers are easily swept up, and although they’re thicker than something like glitter, wedding guests can pop these spread out from their seats inside the ceremony area without creating a tunnel. This is a super lovely and exciting touch!

2. Ribbons and Bells on a Wand 

Ribbons and bells on a wand is a great idea and goes over so well especially if there is not enough room for an outside tunnel after the reception. Guests have fun with the silly bells and ribbons, and will cheer and chat for you as you leave with no music needed. It also echos the ringing of the wedding bell as the new couple leaves the chapel for the first time! The ribbons swaying will provide some pizzazz for your exit photos as you leave the building in style!