At Jackson Audio & Music Supply we are proud to be authorized dealers for many great guitar brands such as: Yamaha, Gretsch, PRS, Jackson, and Ibanez. The new guitars in stock at JAMS are ordered directly from the manufacturer and feature a full factory warranty. We trust our suppliers to provide a sound Quality Control process for their instruments. However, we believe every instrument should be in premium playing condition. We go to the next level and offer the JAMS Certified Guitar Check.

What is the JAMS Certified Check?

This is a premium service JAMS offers to make sure a guitar is in the best possible playing condition when it leaves our store. Our techs have serviced hundreds of guitars over the years. We know how to get an instrument in optimal playing condition. The JAMS Certified Check starts with a complete inspection of the guitar. We make sure every screw and nut is tightened and every piece of hardware is finely tuned. The electronics are tested and ensured to be fully functional. The neck and frets are inspected and adjusted to be properly straight and in optimal playing condition. Finally, the fretboard is properly treated with Fret-Oil, the guitar body is cleaned and polished, and the guitar is freshly strung with upgraded strings, such as Elixir Acoustic Strings or Ernie Ball Paradigm Strings.

JAMS Certified Check Includes:

  • Full Inspection
  • Full Setup
  • Upgraded Strings (Elixirs, Paradigms, NYXL, Cobalt, etc.)
  • JAMS Trade Partnership
  • Warranty Assistance

Why Is This Service Necessary?

Although guitars go through a quality control process before they leave the factory it doesn’t mean they are in optimal playing condition. It’s not uncommon for a guitar to sit in a box for a month before being shipped to a dealer. Even the shipping process can negatively impact a guitar that has been properly setup. A guitar that is delivered from California to Missouri has to acclimate to the different climate and atmospheric environment. That’s not always easy for a lot of guitars since they are made mostly of wood. Straight necks can alter, frets can sprout, cold solder joints can come loose, and it is common with ALL brands, yes even THAT brand. Our certified tech team can detect those common flaws and take action to make those corrections. At the very least a factory guitar has strings that are significantly deteriorated and old. There are many big box music stores that don’t inspect the guitars they ship out. They take the factory box and ship out directly to you, warped necks, high frets, and old strings. Can you ship it back if it’s defective? Of course, but you don’t! It’s too much hassle to box up the guitar and ship it back to the company. So you deal with it “as is”. We take pride in our guitars and require that every guitar with the JAMS Certified Check is in prime condition.

JAMS Trade Partnership

Currently, JAMS no longer offers trades for in store merchandise or in store credit. However, we do offer trades for those who participate in our JAMS Trade Partnership program. Here’s how to join.

Requirements to qualify for the JAMS Trade Partnership Program:
-Purchase a JAMS Certified Check Instrument
-Join our Rewards Program

That’s it, it’s that simple. When you purchase a JAMS Certified Check that instrument qualifies for the Trade Partnership Program. When you are ready to upgrade or exchange your gear that you purchased at JAMS, bring it into the store at any time. Trade value of any given item is capped at 50% the purchased price. (Value varies depending on condition). Trades can be used to purchase any item in the store or applied to in-store credit.

JAMS Certified Warranty Assistance

Included in the JAMS Certified Check is our Warranty Assistance. As long as your instrument is purchased at JAMS and is under the factory warranty time frame JAMS will assist you with matters involving warranty. Repairs covered under the warranty are handled by JAMS techs at no extra cost. In cases where items need to be returned to the manufacturer for repair JAMS will be there to help. A JAMS team member will handle all correspondence with the manufacturer and the process to return and receive the merchandise. The owner will still be required to pay shipping costs to return it to the factory, which is standard procedure. However, JAMS passes on our shipping rate discounts to you saving you significantly on shipping cost. In essence, any issues that we can solve will result in a quick and easy process. In the case it needs to be returned, JAMS does all the work for you. You don’t have to contact the company, nor find a box to return your item, nor find packing material, nor pay an exorbitant shipping cost. JAMS takes care of that for you and we handle the process. You drop off your instrument, we

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