JAMS has a great team of technicians available to help you maintain your guitar. Whether you need a simple string change or a complete pickup or hardware overhaul we are here to help. Our team has expertise in standard repairs for other musical gear too, such as: amps, bass guitars, ukuleles, keyboards, and many other gear. We know how it is to be a working musician so we provide a quick turn around and offer our services at an affordable price.

At JAMS we stock a healthy supply of Ernie Ball Brand Strings as our preferred string of choice. We use Music Nomad cleaning supplies for professional quality guitar polish and fretboard treatment. Check out and for a complete list of their products and why they make our preferred list.

Stringed Instrument Services

★ Guitar Dude Special 

The Guitar Dude Special is a complete inspection and cleaning of your beloved instrument. It starts with a Full Set-up to get your guitar in prime playing condition. Then we follow up with a full maintenance inspection to make sure all hardware pieces are tight and secure including: input jack, tuners, strap buttons, pickguard screws, as well as pickup height adjustments. Finally, we finish up with a thorough cleaning. We start with cleaning the frets and treating the fretboard with F-ONE oil. Then we thoroughly clean the hardware pieces. We end the process with a three step cleaning process using Music Nomad brand Detailer, Cleaner, and Wax providing an ultimate cleaning and protection experience.

Full Setup:

Includes a standard string change, truss rod adjustment, bridge height adjustment, intonation, fretboard treatment with F-ONE Oil, and body cleaning with “The Guitar One” Cleaner. (Add $10.00 for a Floyd Rose Set up.) This service is perfect for getting your guitar in prime playing condition. The F-ONE oil is essential to keep your neck clean and properly hydrated. “The Guitar One” treatment provides a cleaner, polish, and wax in one formula. This is necessary to remove finger smudges and dust while providing a layer of protection to your finish. All other adjustments are essential to get your guitar in top-notch playing condition. (Strings Not Included as prices vary)

Quick Truss Rod Adjustment:

If you have fret buzz or if your guitar strings seem hard to press down then your neck may be off. This service includes making adjustments on the truss of a guitar neck to provide the proper neck relief for your instrument. 

Basic String Change:

Need a quick string change? The “Basic String Change” is for you. Simple and quick to get you and your guitar back on the road. The service includes a string change on standard six string acoustic or electric guitars with fixed bridges. (Floating bridges may require a full set up). Includes a quick cleaning on the body and headstock. (Strings not included as prices vary).

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