For those going into a school band program, or are already in one, JAMS offers Band Instrument Rentals to make it easy and affordable for you to have a quality instrument and experience as you explore music through your school's program. Our knowledgeable staff will walk you through every aspect of your rental to help you determine the best instrument based on your director's preferences. In addition to your rental we provide an excellent repair process with repairs in 48 hours or less and replacements available as soon as Same-Day. 

How the program works:

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The Student and Band Director Select The Instrument

The student will select their prefered instrument in their school's band program. The band director will provide a list of preferred instruments and equipment of which you can bring in to our store to make the appropriate selection. Below is a list of Instruments that we offer for renting.

Instruments That We Offer and Pricing

Whether you are a new student to your schools band program or have been involved and need an affordable rental and purchase option, JAMS is happy to provide a quality instrument that will give you the best chance of success. Below is a list of the instruments we have available Band Rentals. We offer up to 75% OFF of your First Month's Rent with No Obligation

Band Instruments Available to Rent and Pricing:

Flutes - $20/mo

Clarinets - $20/mo

Trumpets - $20/mo

Trombones - $20/mo

Percussion Kits - $20/mo

Alto Saxophones - $40/mo

Tenor Saxophones - $60/mo

French Horns - $60/mo

Euphoniums and Baritones - $60/mo

Oboes - $60/mo

Violin and Viola - $20/mo

Cello - $40/mo

Instrument Protection Plan Including Same Day Repair and Replacement:

The Instrument Protection Plan will keep your instrument in perfect working condition throughout your rental. A small fee added to your monthly rental payment means that your instrument is protected in the case of loss or theft and will be repaired at no additional cost to you.

Why enroll in the Instrument Protection Plan?
-All brass and woodwind instruments need regular adjustments, maintenance, and cleaning. This is covered at no additional charge with our Instrument Protection Plan.
-Our Instrument Protection Plan prevents unexpected repair expenses. The cost of one repair can often exceed a full year's worth of Instrument Protection Plan fees.
-Customers who enroll in our Instrument Protection Plan will get their instrument replaced in the case of loss or theft. Most homeowner's and renter's insurance policies do not cover the replacement cost of a rental instrument.

The Instrument Rental's Instrument Protection Plan does not cover replacement of consumables like reeds, strings, lost brass and woodwind mouthpieces or ligatures. The Instrument Protection Plan does not cover cosmetic damage or damage inflicted to the instrument intentionally. For more information see our rental terms and conditions.