Cape Girardeau County DJ Services

At Jackson Audio & Music Supply we are committed to creating the experience of a lifetime!

JAMS - Jackson Audio and Music Supply is a full service wedding production company in Cape Girardeau County based in Jackson, MO with numerous services for weddings. We provide the Best Quality, Award-Winning DJ Services to the Southeast Missouri Area and beyond. JAMS DJ’s are amongst the best music & entertainment event experts in the industry. Our platform includes planning assistance, vendor coordination and professional hosting. We’re ready to help make your event special, amazing and above all memorable! Our devoted team of professionals seek to encourage and support your vision of your wedding or event in every way we can. This ranges from doing what you want, the way you want it, to providing quality equipment to music suited to you and your wedding, all backed by our team’s enthusiastic and positive spirit.

In addition to providing DJ services, JAMS is also a store. We stock an expansive collection of gear for music and instruments, such as guitars and accessories. Our team also offers lessons so individuals can learn the ins and outs of the piano, ukulele, and more. Music is at the heart and soul of the company, from providing high standard equipment, educational opportunities, and event services.

Helping you orchestrate an enjoyable event while creating lasting memories is a central goal of our team here at JAMS. Our professionals have worked in both outdoor and indoor settings and we have services encompassing both the ceremony and reception. Advanced Lighting is also provided to complete the atmosphere of your event as are microphones and other sound equipment for speeches and toasts. The experts at both sound engineering and music are adept at helping you make your special day a celebration.

Premium DJ
- Expert in all areas of coordination, planning, hosting, and DJing

4 hours of coverage - More time can be added on.

Meetings - to discuss your ideas and itinerary, where you can ask our ideas as well and approve a personalized scripted timeline for announcements, introductions, and more

Advanced LED Lighting - Computer controlled lighting and effects that create a very lively, vibrant atmosphere on the dance floor. This includes custom display featuring the names of the bride and groom, innovative video DJing, fog, and bubbles!

Top Quality Audio Equipment with Wireless Microphones - Guaranteeing clarity and volume for dancing, speeches, and announcements

- Expertly queued by the sound engineer through a premium sound system that we provide for your indoor or outdoor ceremony.

Rehearsal - Sound and coordination during the rehearsal

Meetings - to discuss your ideas and itinerary as well as songs for entrances and proceedings. You can ask us for ideas as well

Planning and Coordination
-Need help with planning and coordinating your wedding day? We offer this service included in the Ceremony Package.

Premium Audio Equipment
- Sound system, microphones, and hidden lapel mics for the bride, groom and officiant, and hook ups for live instruments

Extras available to add on


For venues with multiple floors or long distances. Enhance the experience with our additional speakers. Place them on outdoor patios, cocktail areas, other floors, etc. Speakers seamlessly sync with music and microphones so guests can hear the music, anouncements, and toasts.


For more fun, add karaoke to the party! We include microphones, a video monitor that displays the lyrics and a huge selection of songs to choose from


Display names, dates, messages, logos, artwork, or anything else onto the dancefloor, walls, or even ceiling with our custom made projections. One is included for the dancefloor.


Our 120" Screen is perfect for displaying pre-made pictures, videos, slideshows, or even important messages at your event. Play while guests are awaiting the wedding party or display prayers before dinner. Our projections and displays can be played with or without audio


For adding some extra magic to your celebration. Sparklers are perfect for entrances and exits. Extra long burning sparklers and sleek, black individual lighters are included


Lighting around the room adds ambience and can accent theme colors. By strategically placing lights with preselected colors on walls and poles around the room, this really sets the mood.


Fun for everyone, glow sticks can be bent and connected in many different ways and are spectacular on the dancefloor when the lights go down.


Extensive and visually stunning coverage of your entire wedding. Includes Highlight Reel, Ceremony, Reception Entrances, Toasts, and Formal Dances. For more information click HERE

Video Guest Book

Our Video Guest Book is a hit for all ages and provides a fun and interactive addition to your wedding. 

Guests can select from a variety of backgrounds and step in front of the greenscreen to leave a memorable message, share a funny story, or give advice for the bride and groom. It also provides a fun way for the newly married couple to leave a time-capsule message for their future selves! After the wedding, we compile and edit all of the videos into one, and replace the greenscreen with the backgrounds that you and your guests choose. 

The Video Guest Book package includes:

Featured Guest Book Video - Edited film that includes all video messages with guest audio set to music playing softly in the background

Greenscreen Backdrop - Allowing the scenery in the video to be customized and changed

High Quality Backgrounds - Guests can select from a variety of high quality photos what they would like as the background for their message

3 hours of booth time - Includes one camera operator and guest coordinator

Premium Lighting and Audio - The video booth can be set up in any setting, whether light or dark, and includes high quality audio recording devices to properly capture speech.

Meet Our DJ

Jake L

"My favorite thing about weddings is getting to see families and friends come together and celebrate one of the most monumental moments in two people’s lives. For most, this is their very first time meeting and nothing breaks the ice better for a new family than an evening spent speaking the universal language of music and dancing"

What Others Are Saying

"I highly recommend JAMS! They did an amazing job, very professional and accommodating" -Caylee M.

"JAMS provided the DJ service at our wedding. Excellent job! I was able to give a playlist and a list of songs to avoid, and it was delivered. Everyone danced and had a good time. Highly recommend" -Christy G.

"Jake was great, and played all of our songs from the song list we gave him before hand. He had everything ready and also was able to take requests on demand!! We all had a great time!! Highly recommend!!!"   -Brenda R.

For an even fuller experience combine DJ services with our Professional Videography Services


Also Available To Book Or Add-On

The Andy Band Live Performance

Dance away with a live concert performance brought to you by the Andy Band. Oldies and new age music professionally arranged, interactive, and tailored specifically for guests to have a fun and memorable time.

Premium Live Band - Fun and professional full band vocal and instrument combination performance

4 Hours of Coverage - More time can be added on

Meetings - to discuss your ideas and itinerary, as well as develop a timeline for announcements, introductions, and more.

Colorful LED Lighting - Controlled lighting and effects that create a very lively, vibrant atmosphere on the dancefloor

Top Quality Audio Equipment - Guaranteeing clarity and volume for dancing. Microphones are available for use for speeches and announcements. 

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