Jackson Audio & Music Supply offers lessons for people of all ages. Whether you are just a beginner or have experience, we are here to help you pursue your passion for music. With our dedicated and experienced instructors along with our variety of curriculum, we tailor our teaching to meet the needs of each individual student.

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Lessons We Offer

Private Lessons:

JAMS offers private lessons with an experienced teacher. Available instruments include: guitar, bass, drums, and piano. These lessons are completely tailored to the preferences of the student. Lesson material includes but are not limited to: chord structures, learning scales, learning songs, song writing, music theory, soloing, and more. These classes are suitable for all levels of musicians. Also included in the lessons are pro tips for care and maintenance of instruments and equipment use such as amps and effects pedals.

Shared Lessons:

Our shared lesson program provides students with a cost effective solution for a quality teaching experience. The Shared Lessons provide a small group session with an experienced teacher. Group size is limited to two students allowing for plenty of personal student teacher interaction. Plus the experience of learning with a peer creates a level of comradery and motivation to progress. Lessons are customized to the students and cover a broad range of material including tech advice, music theory, and song mastery.

Band Lessons:

In this lesson students are formed together to learn in a band environment. Class size range from 4-6 musicians including: electric guitarist, acoustic guitarist, drummer, bass player, keyboard, and singer. This program is for those musicians who’s focus is learning to play in a band environment. This includes developing band comradery, learning songs, assigning parts, and setting up a PA system.

Under 8 Lessons:

Students interested in learning their first instrument are invited to explore music at a reduced rate. Available instruments include ukulele and piano. Students are paired with an experienced teacher for a private 30 minute session to learn the fundamentals of music. Students will be challenged to learn basic rhythms, notation, and perform elementary skills on their instrument. This class is for students who are under 8 years old. Once the student graduates from the Level 1 Book they will move up to private or shared lessons.

Group Guitar Lessons:

JAMS offers a group lesson session for guitarists. Class sizes range from 3 to 10 students. For those interested in learning guitar but not quite ready for private lessons group lessons are an excellent option. Students will learn basic fundamentals for playing the guitar including, chords, simple melodies, simple scales, and simple rhythms.

Group Theory Lessons:

For those looking to grow in understanding music theory

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