First three things to do once you're engage!

Here at JAMS, we know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two! We have done roughly 150 weddings in the past three years. Here is our advice! 

  1. TOUR venues ASAP! Don’t just assume that the place you have always considered having your “dream wedding” at is the best fit for you. Maybe you love the view of the water outside, but who will see it if you’re getting married in the winter? Maybe you love how cozy and ornate the main room is— will there be plenty of room for dancing? Different things are good for different people. Ultimately, the Bride and Groom set the tone for the wedding. Make a list of pros and cons after touring different venues. What are things that are important to you, and what will they practically look like on your big day? Selecting the venue should be the very first thing each couple takes care of. 
  2. Pick your date and secure it with your venue! Make sure you have considered the time of year and specifics of the venue. 
  3. Seriously, SERIOUSLY consider hiring a wedding planner. I know what you’re thinking, “This is out of budget…” However, it might not be and it WILL be worth it. Sometimes you can even hire a wedding planner just for the day of the event. You want someone at your wedding who is there to take care of things. Your parents, aunts, cousins, and friends of a friend will end up looking for the light switch when they should be deep in conversation with people they have not seen in ages, picking up food that has spilled on the floor in their nice dresses, or doing some other task the most important guests should not be involved in! This can all be avoided with a professional, hired wedding planner. (Again, not your friend's cousin! They need to be professional and have experience with problem solving at weddings.!) Additionally, now that you’ve got your date and venue secured, your wedding planner can even help you by gathering information on various vendors to help sift through all of your options. We suggest not wasting any time on the venue, but this is also something your wedding planner can help with, too! 
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