Seymour Duncan Pickups 21 Day Exchange at JAMS

JAMS is proud to be an authorized dealer for Seymour Duncan Pickups. Seymour Duncan is one of the greatest brands on the market for manufacturing pickups. With over 40 years of experience and over a hundred different pickup designs you'll find a pickup for you. Seymour Duncan continues to push innovation constantly creating  great designs.. Not only do they offer every type of pickup you can imagine, but their website is top-notch. Not only does it feature every pickup including accurate specs and descriptions, but also sound samples. There are hundreds of wire diagrams available on their website and even a Pickup Installation 101 page, dedicated to teaching you how to install your own pickups. Seymour Duncan does everything possible to help you make the right choice for your pickup.

One of the great services we offer at JAMS is pickup installation and electronic upgrades for electric guitars. Seymour Duncan is our preferred brand for after market pickups. Whether you need to upgrade your Strat, add a humbucker to your Telecaster, or just need something totally different, SD has an option and JAMS is your source for getting those pups installed. Whether you prefer a traditional install or our looking for a custom wiring/pickup configuration JAMS is ready. 

Both JAMS and Seymour Duncan don't want to just sell you pickups. Our ultimate goal is to find your desired tone for your axe. JAMS is proud to support the 21 Day Pickup Exchange that Seymour Duncan offers. When you purchase your Seymour Duncan Pickups at JAMS it includes the 21 Day Exchange. If you find your first choice isn't quite producing the tone you imagined then bring them back to JAMS and we will set up the exchange with Seymour Duncan, no extra charge. (If you go direct through Seymour Duncan you will have to pay shipping). In addition, if you have JAMS install your pickups, we'll swap them out for no extra charge. (Limited to one exchange). 

So if you've been looking to upgrade your first guitar, or just looking for something different, consider Seymour Duncan for your choice of pups and come on down to JAMS for the install. Check out and check out our selection of Seymour Duncan Pickups in stock.