Wedding Signs with Julie

We had the privilege of sitting down with Julie who owns UNI Custom Creations located at 225 S Plaza Way in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, to chit chat all about different types of wedding signs she makes in her store! She is a well of knowledge when it comes to details of the big day. As a true artist who has turned her passion into a thriving career, she has a knack for taking a concept and putting it into a beautiful design for you and your guests to enjoy at your wedding.


What are some reasons you might want a sign at your wedding? Well, first of all, signs make wonderful and sentimental decorations. Yes, we all know whose wedding we are at at the moment, but we want the venue to feel truly special to the Bride and Groom we are celebrating–like there has never been another wedding in the same venue before! A sign with names gives exactly that personal touch we want to feel in the venue. Casualty might be favored with a preference of first names only. Or maybe there is a more formal evening in mind, making titles and last names a wonderful banner above the head table. There are so many options! When working with Julie, she can help bring an idea to life by personalizing the sign with embellishments and designs. Not only are these great for the day of the wedding, but they make wonderful memorabilia pieces for the homes of Bride’s and Groom’s post wedding day.



Signs are also super welcoming for the guests! They invite people to participate and help lead the masses in celebration. The champagne table could look too beautiful and placed to touch! However, with a sign that says “Cheers!” over it, the guests know that this is something for them to partake in. It acts as the extra confidence boost guests need to truly participate in the celebration of marriage with those tying the knot!


Wedding signs also work as a wonderful way to incorporate meaningful components to the Bride and Groom into their big day. Below, we have an outlined, favored piece of greenery attached to the last name initial of a couple. Not only can significance be added to the signs, but these can also be paired and themed throughout the whole venue and wedding in all of the small details. This gives a wedding party a sense of simplicity and clarity that is refreshing and elegant. 

Signs are great for events, too! In the case of the photo below, you can see “Bob Voyage” which was for a retirement party for a man named Bob. I imagine Bob had a blast taking photos with those he had shared his career with in this adorable backdrop.  This sign and photo backdrop provided a small environment to make final memories with people– laughing and taking photos with folks he had spent so much time with before retiring.

Julie with UNI Custom Creations is a great business to get connected with if you are planning a wedding or event! Julie is not only a great option for her own unique and custom creations, but she is a wonderful local artist which gives an extra benefit to local customers who can omit a shipping fee by picking up their orders in her store. She can also do tumblers and fun, matching gifts for bachelor and bachelorette parties, and create meaningful presents to hand out on the day of the wedding! Feel free to checkout Julie’s store at 225 S Plaza Way, Cape Girardeau, MO 63703. She also has instagram @unicustomcreations and is on Facebook! Now, time to start dreaming up our next unique and custom creation with Julie!