Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5pc Kit w/Hardware Pack Honey Amber


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Yamaha Part# SBP2F56WHA (Includes JAMS Warranty Assistance and Trade Partnership)

Details about JAMS Warranty Assistance and Trade Partnership at: https://www.semojams.com/pages/jams-certified

For sale at JAMS is the Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5pc Kit w/Hardware Pack Honey Amber. 

An affordable and impressive drum kit from Yamaha. All Birch Wood shells, low mass lugs, and upgraded metal parts. If you are looking for a quality drum set that offers great value and performance then Yamaha Stage Custom is the end of your quest. This kit comes with the Yamaha double brace HW-680W hardware pack. 

Stage Custom Birch Shell Pack includes:

Bass Drum: 22"x17"

Floor Tom:  16"x15"

Mount Toms: 10"x7" and 12"x8"

Snare: 14"x5.5"

HW-680W Hardware Pack:

Snare Stand: (SS-650WA)

Single Bass Drum Pedal: (FP-7210A)

2x Cymbal Boom Stand: (CS-665A)

Hi Hat Stand: (HS-650WA)

JAMS is an authorized dealer for Yamaha Drums. This kit is in new condition and features a full factory warranty. This kit comes with the HW-680W hardware pack. Available to purchase in store only. Thanks for choosing JAMS.


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