Alpha Mini Guitar Pot 250k or 25k


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Alpha Brand Potentiometer for guitar volume/tone controls. Standard shaft designed to mount on many guitar bodies. Available at JAMS for pickup. Thanks for choosing JAMS.

**On most guitars the mounting hole on the guitar or pickguard will need to be enlarged to 5/16" diameter for these pots to fit properly. This is typical for many after market pots. For questions call in the store and ask to speak to a tech.**


Alpha pots with a standard 3/8” bushing length that is perfect for your average guitar. Nut and flat washer are included.

  • Audio Taper
  • Split Shaft
  • Course Knurl 1(6 tooth)
  • 16mm

250k Value Resistance is perfect for most single coil pickups.

25k Value Resistance is good for active pickups, such as EMGs or Fishman Fluence. 

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