Boss DS-1 Distortion Guitar Pedal


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For sale is the Boss DS-1 Distortion guitar pedal. If you are looking for a "go to" classic effect then Boss has the pedigree you are looking for. The DS-1 is the door into the amazing adventure of guitar pedal land. I mean come on, every one of us has owned one of these or at least played a buddies DS-1. In the wrong hands the DS-1 can cause terrible terrible pain, "I get reminded of this every day when a teenager comes in to demo my cheapest distortion pedal." Bless the youth. But with the right touch this Pedal can bring forth the classic distortion that was the voice of garage bands of the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s, and even today. The DS-1, the distortion that keeps you coming back for more. Perhaps you've never had a DS-1, well today is your day. Perhaps you are feeling nostalgic? Maybe you need a cheap distortion pedal. Well the DS-1 is ready for you, come join the club. 

Boss is one of the greatest pedal manufacturers of all time. They were one of the original companies to provide essential guitar effects in a small footprint design. They have been spearheading innovation since the 70’s and we are super excited to be partners for this great company with a great pedigree. This product is in brand new condition and includes a full factory warranty. Thanks for choosing JAMS.

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