Boss Metal Zone Distortion Pedal MT-2


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MT-2 Boss Metal Zone

This is the legendary - neigh, infamous - pedal of teenage musician lore, the Boss MT-2. 

Ah, the name says it all, say it with me, “Metal Zone” . Oh, you can do better than that, METAL ZONE.

This pedal may have plenty of nay sayers but even the best pedals are targets of hate. The Boss MT-2 has been referred to as the king of sustain and has plenty of tweaking to boot being one of the earlier pedals to use stacked knobs which gives you control over your lows, highs, mids, and what mid frequencies you’d like to specifically target, as well as the level and how much distortion is in your signal. These control make this a versatile pedal capable of a variety of different tones. Although a great classic option ran in front of an amp this pedal ran through the effect loop of an amp can sound like a real mean, metal machine with nice saturation and plenty of chuggy goodness. The tried and true metal chassis is an absolute tank and has been proven to withstand the worst treatment that us notoriously rough musicians can throw at it. It may not be the new kid on the block but its longevity proves it’s worthiness of an amazing Heavy Distortion guitar pedal capable of classic and modern metal.


Boss is one of the greatest pedal manufacturers of all time. They were one of the original companies to provide essential guitar effects in a small footprint design. They have been spearheading innovation since the 70’s and we are super excited to be partners for this great company with a great pedigree. This product is in brand new condition and includes a full factory warranty. Thanks for choosing JAMS.

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