CAD U37 USB Large-Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Recording Microphone


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This high quality large diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone comes with a tripod stand and a 10’ USB cable; truly it is the full package that is compatible with both PC and Mac! The U37 has a great warm, rich voicing and utilizes a cardioid pattern that minimizes background noise and isolates the main sound source. This microphone has a versatile range of uses for speech, singing, or instruments that is aided by its smooth, extended range frequency response with a -10dB overload protection switch to minimize overload distortion from overly loud sound sources (that includes the annoying vocalist or guitarist in your life) and bass-reduction switch to reduce room noise. Not to mention that this microphone looks fantastic with the design style that could fit in broadcast or recording studios.

Thanks for checking it out at JAMS. Visit our store location to see this unit in person or take advantage of our shipping option and have this sent to your door! For more information or further details please contact us.

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