Blackstar HT-5 MKII 5 Watt Tube Head Amp


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For sale at JAMS is the Blackstar HT-5HR MKII 5 Watt Tube Head Amp. This is a 5 watt tube head Black Tolex wrap. JAMS is an authorized dealer for Blackstar Amps. This amp is in new condition and features a full factory warranty. 

The HT Series amps from Blackstar are an impressive feature rich amp line. In our current present state, digital modeling seems to be taking over and bullying old analog circuitry to the curb. However, digital is not some fancy new wave, its been around for decades. Technology is improving but there's nothing like the sound of an analog tube amp. The Blackstar HT series is here to help you balance both sides providing the analog tube tone with some modern features that help adapt to today's technology. 

Our listing here is for the the HT5HRMKII. This is a great combo amp from the HT Series and is extremely versatile. It starts with the basics, featuring the tube powered Preamp and Power sections of the amp. The amp sports a ECC83 Preamp tubes and a 12BH7 power tube. This provides the base for the characteristics and charm of a coveted tube amp tone. The amp is two channels feature a great vintage clean tone and a versatile Crunch/Distortion channel. The OD channel features a Voice switch and Full 3 Band EQ with the ISF knob.  With the ISF tone shaping knob you can dial anything from UK British style to American style gain. Blackstar does very well at giving you an amazing High Gain tone perfect for all genres of music and the clean channel breaks up nicely for a little grit. The built in Digital Reverb works perfectly adding the right amount of space texture. If you are looking for a classic rock machine, or nice little gritty blues amp, or a foundational clean amp the HT5 is a great option. 

As for the modern features you may ask? Well notice the 5 watt to 0.5 watt power reduction button. We all know it takes a certain amount of volume to push those tubes to their full potential. That's difficult to do if your amp lives in the studio or bedroom where there's not much space. A 5 watt amp can be a little much  in a small space. But with the 0.5 watt power reduction you can push those tubes to full mojo status without too much volume. Another great feature of the amp is the USB port located on the back panel. This allows you to use this amp to plug directly into you DAW and record right from the amp. Very convenient and practical. 

Still if you are old school you'll love the Emulated XLR and 1/4 outputs for going direct in the PA. The amp features an effects loop so you can get the most out of your pedals. 

There are many great amps out there in the world and sometimes its hard to choose. The HT-Series amps from Blackstar are one of the most versatile tube amps on the market. Great tone, great performance, and a great product from Blackstar, who has quickly reached the top as one of the great amp producers of this generation.

The HT5HRMKII is in stock at JAMS. Stop by our store location and check out the amp in person. You can also take advantage of our shipping option. Whether in store or online you can take advantage of our 0% financing option.  Thanks for choosing JAMS.

Blackstar Description:

The HT-5HR MkII is available in a portable head amplifier.


  • 5 watt head
  • ECC83 preamp valve, 12BH7 power amp valve
  • Unique push-pull power amp design
  • 2 channels
  • Footswitchable voices for Clean and Overdrive
  • USB audio out
  • Newly voiced studio quality Reverb
  • 8-16Ω extension speaker jack socket

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