Dunlop Mudslide Porcelain Slide


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Dunlop Mudslide Slide

This porcelain slide sounds brighter than glass and warmer than brass, featuring thick walls for superior sustain and a moisture-absorbent interior that reduces slipping. Mudslide ceramic slides are handcrafted for perfect balance of tone, comfort, and playability. The mudslide’s high-fire black porcelain body falls between metal and glass in tonal quality. The hard clear glaze creates tones reminiscent of bone, while the natural silky interior adds comfort and prevents the poor, fragile thing from flying off one’s finger. Play one today to feel and hear the difference that porcelain makes.

JAMS is an authorized dealer for Dunlop Picks and Accessories. In stock at our store location or order it off our site and get it shipped to your door. Thanks for choosing JAMS.

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