Evans EMAD2 System 22" Bass Drum Batter and Reso Head Set


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With the EMAD2 System Pack, there’s no limit on how you can hone your tone. The included EMAD2 batter and reso heads put your bass drum’s attack, focus, and sustain in your hands, allowing you to completely customize your sound. The two ply construction of the EMAD2 bass batter features one ply of 7mil film and one ply of 10mil film, maximizing your attack and low-end. The head’s sustain can be dialed in easily, thanks to two interchangeable damping rings. On the other end, the EMAD reso head boasts an offset 4” microphone port in a single ply of 10mil film, plus a foam damping ring around the port's external edge for greater control of your overtones. Both EMAD heads feature Level 360 technology.

JAMS is an authorized dealer of Evans drum heads. This 22” Batter Side and Reso Side Combo pack and is available in our store location. Thanks for choosing JAMS.

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