Graph Tech Black Tusq XL Guitar Nut Slotted Post 2014 Gibson


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For sale at JAMS is a Graph Tech Black Tusq XL replacement Nut for a Gibson Electric Post-2014. Part# PT-6011-00. Tusq makes excellent replacement parts for guitar nuts due to their durability,  pre-slotted grooves, excellent harmonics and tuning stability. To see if this nut will fit for your guitar measure the length, height, and width of your old nut as well as the length from E to e.  We offer installation and setup for replacement guitar nuts. Please visit our store location for more details. Please enjoy the factory specs below. Thanks for choosing JAMS. 

Graph Tech Description:

The PT-6011-00 is the perfect option to replace and upgrade the nut on your Gibson electric guitars made after 2014. Or other similar guitars.

It is slightly taller than the PT-6010-00 (pre 2015). When in doubt, use this one, you can always sand the bottom of the nut to adjust lower. 

Radius 12" (304.8mm).

 This item qualifies for our $5 flat rate shipping. Mix and match any of our small goods and get USPS First class shipping at any quantity for just $5; includes tracking. Items that qualify include: strings, straps, slides, picks, patch cables, capos, and much more.

 Measure  Length Width
E to E 
0.405" 1.408"
mm 43.83 4.69 10.30 35.77

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