Yamaha P45 88 Weighted Key Digital Piano Black w/Matching Stand


Sale price$699.99


Yamaha P45 Black with matching L-85 Stand. (Includes JAMS Warranty Assistance and Trade Partnership)

Details about JAMS Warranty Assistance and Trade Partnership at: https://www.semojams.com/pages/jams-certified

The P-45 is shown in the pictures with matching floor stand, included with purchase at this price.

For sale is a Yamaha P45 88 key Digital Piano. This is a great option for a budget friendly keyboard. 88 weighted keys for an authentic playing experience. It features a number of piano sounds, organ, electric piano, and more. This is enough for creative playing but not too much to make things complicated. The keyboard has built in speaker so you can play in your bedroom. There is also a headphone jack so you can play without disturbing others. Lightweight and portable for conveniently transporting to and fro. The keyboard also has USB for connecting to a computer. Yamaha also has a great number of apps you can use with this piano for inspirational playing.  The keyboard includes a power supply, and attachable music stand for sheet music.

JAMS is an authorized Yamaha dealer. This P45 is in new condition and features a full factory warranty. This product is available in our store location. Thanks for choosing JAMS.

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