MXR Timmy Overdrive CSP027


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The MXR Timmy Overdrive is a pedal that you’re going to want. I’m not just saying that as a shady salesman; you need to stop reading this now and go try one. Seriously! Trust me.

The Timmy Overdrive built by Paul Cochrane is a crazy good transparent overdrive pedal that has been a must have for many years now. With the popularity of the pedal increasing Mr. Cochrane partnered with MXR to help increase the production of the pedal making it readily available to the masses. Paul worked closely with MXR to faithfully reproduce this pedal keeping the essential pieces, such as the 3 way clipping switch and the unique tone control setting. (Bass Control is wired pre-OD signal and the Treble is post-OD). This allows you to keep a tight low end without dirtying up the signal too much. The Tone controls are also wired cut only. This great circuit is housed in the MXR smaller footprint pedal size so you get this great tone and save some valuable pedalboard real estate. The pedal operates on a 9v power supply which is sold separately. If you took my advice from at the beginning of the listing you have already tried the pedal and realize it is a great one to own, and you are smarter for it. You’re welcome!

If not, you’ll find one for sale at Jams. It is a must have on the pedal board and a must stock item for us! See you soon. Of course it is available for purchase from our site with free shipping included. Thanks for checking it out. Cheers.

JAMS is an authorized dealer for MXR pedals. This is a brand new item with a full factory warranty. Thank for choosing JAMS.

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