Dunlop Pure Formula 65 Silicon-Free Intensive Cleaner


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Dunlop Pure Formula 65 Intensive Cleaner: Dunlop Part Number 6644

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Give your treasured instrument the care it deserves with Pure Formula 65 Silicone-Free Intensive Cleaner. This completely silicone-free formula does double duty as it cleans and revitalizes even the most delicate finishes and then leaves behind healthy, vibrant surface that’s totally clean—without any residue or discoloration.

It’s super easy to work with, too—just spray some on a System 65™ Microfiber Cloth and apply it to the surface of your instrument with some well-earned TLC to remove dirt and grime and impart the clean, natural scent of lemongrass. There’s no better option for everyday instrument care.

It’s made with biodegradable, environmentally-friendly ingredients, so it’s safe for both you and your axe. Treat your instrument right with Pure Formula 65 Silicone-Free Intensive Cleaner.

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