Gator Transit Deluxe Gig Bag Acoustic Black


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Do you love your guitar? Of course you do...hopefully. Do you love enough to give such a case that is more comfortable than perhaps your own bed? If you do, then I recommend the Gator Transit gig bags. One look at these gig bags and you'll notice a stylish, light-weight bag that offers lots of options and is so darn good looking. After seeing the interior you'll see what I mean about a gig bag that compares to a comfy bed. 

Starting with the exterior you'll find a modern looking weather resistant blended black fabric. The bag has a rigid construction so this "soft case" with actually support itself standing upward. The bottom of the bag features a thick rubber tread for protection against liquids plus a more durable protection. It has nice comfortable and adjustable back-pack style shoulder straps for hands free transporting. It also features a nice padded handle grip on the side.  It has a large nicely padded front pocket for storage which has the "G" Hook Buckle and Seatbelt loop for a securing the pocket tightly. You'll also find a smaller storage pocket on the upper portion of the bag. Pockets and and covers have nice durable zipper for opening and closing. 

And yeah...all that was just the exterior features. The interior has a nice bright red 20mm micro fleece material for a soft, comfy, and secure resting place for your guitar. It has extra padding near the end of the bottom, neck support, and head support, which are adjustable and removable to accommodate the perfect form and fit. 

If you are tired of lugging around a large bulky heavy case than the Transit cases from Gator are a nice refreshing option, offering modern features and design whilst still offering superior protection for your favorite guitar, that you love. This listing is for the GT-ACOUSTIC-BLK model, for acoustic guitars with the Black exterior cover. Thanks for checking out our listing. Come in the store and see the product or take advantage of our shipping options. 

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