JAMS Pedal Patch Cable Lava Cable Rean 1/4" Surf Green 6IN


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JAMS is proud to introduce our own line of quality instrument cables. We've sourced quality components and pieced together a great combination of excellent quality connectors and cable. Our tech has over 15 years of experience in assembly and design. JAMS cables are assembled with care, hand soldered, 100% tested, and feature a warranty. Custom lengths are available upon request. 

Using Lava Brand Mini ELC Instrument Cable with Rean Low Profile Right Angle 1/4" connectors, we have assembled an excellent patch cable for connection your favorite pedals. Mini ELC features 20AWG Stranded Center Conductor with a Copper Braid Shield. The Rean RP2RCF connectors are a low profile Pancake style connector which over superior performance in a sleek modern design. Add these cables to your pedal board for solid performance with a little class and flair. A must have if you think black cables are boring.  Custom length assemblies available upon request. 

JAMS Pedal Patch Cable: 6 Inch Length

  • Lava Brand Mini ELC Instrument Cable
  • Rean RP2RCF Nickel Plated Right Angle 1/4" Plugs Both Ends
  • 6 Inch in Length Tip to Tip
  • Shrink Build up at Connector Ends
  • Super Cool Surf Green PVC Jacket
  • Hand Soldered
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty of Intermittence or Loose Solder Connection

Lava Cable Mini ELC Specs:

The ELC cable is specifically designed for guitar and instrument applications and is designed to be flexible, rugged and provide superior high definition. 99.99% Pure Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) and superior components are used to make a world-class cable capable of superb performance in all situations. The capacitance of the Lava ELC at 23 pF per foot is in the sweet spot range for instrument cables and was purposely chosen to provide the best sound possible. Every aspect of this cable was designed with the guitar player in mind to provide for low microphonics, reliability, and superior frequency response. 

99.99% OFHC pure copper low strand count 20 AWG conductor
23 pF/ft low capacitance
99.99% pure OFHC 98% braided shield for superior RF rejection
4% silver solder to maximize signal flow
.305” Outer diameter Matte PVC Jacket for superior Durability

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