Martin Strings Authentic Flexible Core Silk and Steel Phosphor Custom Lights 11-47


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JAMS is an authorized dealer for Martin Guitar Accessories. If you own a Martin Guitar, it just makes sense to use the strings from the same company that manufactured the guitar. You'll find the most popular strings at JAMS. 

For sell is a set of strings for a 6 string acoustic guitar. Martin Strings Phosphorus Bronze Flexible Core Custom Lights  New in package. Phosphorus Bronze for a balanced tone. Custom Light Gauge 47-11. The Flexible Core string is a great option for those who have a softer touch than a standard string. Thanks for choosing JAMS.

Martin® Authentic Acoustic® Flexible Core strings are designed to reduce finger fatigue and allow huge bends. They feature a lighter gauge version of our Superior Performance core wire combined with heavier wrap wire to deliver a full and balanced tone with increased flex and playability. Our impeccable standards for acoustic guitar tone are embedded in our string design and precision manufacturing process. That’s why we make our own.

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