Orange OR15 15 Watt Tube Guitar Head


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Orange OR15 Head (Listing is for the Amp Head Only)

A true wall of sound in a small package! The fact that any of us mortals can even stand close to it as it produces its luscious sound goes to show that this divine piece of glory is enough for both the stage in your basement and at the gig. Orange has the classic British tone with enough extra bottom end to satisfy whatever niche you may find yourself playing, from Slipknot and High on Fire to Claudia Hoyser and ZZ Top, this beast of an amp will have you covered.

Don’t be fooled by the retro styling. Behind the OR15’s “Pics Only” faceplate lives a modern, high-gain 15W amp capable of a hugely diverse range of Orange tones. Based on the Dirty channel of our Flagship Rockerverb amps, this EL84-powered little monster pushes out everything from classic cleans to cutting-edge Metal, oozing character at every notch on its five simple dials.

Amazingly playable and switchable from 15 Watts to 7, the responsive EL84 output section and power switching options offer the perfect balance of gain, volume and feel, finding the elusive “sweet spot” in any stage or studio setting. Complete with a valve-buffered FX Loop, the OR15 is equally at home with old-school players “riding the volume control” or at the centre of a complex, modern rig.

This is a new model with a full factory warranty. The Listing is for the Guitar Amp Head only. We are authorized Orange Amp dealers. Message for questions or further details. Thanks for choosing JAMS. 

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