Orange Crush Pro 60 Watt Guitar Combo Amp


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Don't tell your friends I said this, but solid state amps are good. In fact some of them are really good. It's true, nothing sounds like a good classic tube amp. But just as true, nothing sounds like a good solid state guitar amp. The fantastic Roland Jazz Chorus amp is great example. The Orange Crush Pro Series amps fall in that category as well.

Introducing the Crush Pro 60. A solid state 60 watt combo amp with 12" speaker. Designed after the Orange Rockerverb. The amp is a two channel amp with a two gain stage clean and a four gain stage Dirty channel. This provides you with huge palette of tone options. The amp also features 3 different reverb options, Hall, Plate, and Spring.  You'll also find the amp has an effects loop so its a great option for using with pedals. 

Simple, easy to use, versatile, and powerful; the Crush 60 is a great option for a guitar amp. Whether for practice or gigging you'll find the Crush 60 to be an amazing find. 

JAMS is an authorized dealer for Orange Amplifiers. This amp is in stock and ready to ship or pickup it up at our store location. This amp is in new condition and features a full factory warranty. Thanks for choosing JAMS.

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