Rok-It Microphone Fixed Boom Tripod Stand


Sale price$29.99


Jackson Audio & Music Supply is an authorized dealer for Gator Cases. We’ve been a proud partner with Gator since 2014. Gator offers an impressive catalog of brands including Gator Cases, Gator Frameworks, Rok-it Stands, T-Rex Pedals, and Levy’s Straps. All of these brands manufacture a variety of quality products at an affordable price. Gator Cases is our preferred manufacturer for stands, cases, and accessories at Jackson Audio & Music Supply.

This listing is for a Rok-it Microphone Fixed Boom Tripod Stand. The Rok-it brand offers great quality stands at a nice affordable price. The guitar stand has a tripod base, height adjustable, and adjustable boom. A great option for a basic stand. In stock at JAMS. 

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