Dunlop Leather Pick Pouch Keychain


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Another fun Dunlop product that we offer here at JAMS. If you are tired of loosing all your picks and it seems you never have one when you need one. Are you one of those fellers that go to a guitar shop and always have to bum a pick off the store owner(sorry not sorry). Then you may benefit from owning a Dunlop Leather Pick Pouch Key chain. I've owned a pic pouch key chain since I started played guitar and it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside that where ever you go you are always ready to play with your emergency picks safely stashed away on your key chain. 

The Dunlop Pick Pouch is made of leather material. It has a key ring and a snap button to keep the pouch closed to keep those picks secure. Attach it to your car key ring and where ever you go you'll always have a pic handy. I always keep at least three in the pouch with me at all times; one to play, one to lose, and one to throw out to all my fans. 

Thanks for choosing JAMS. 

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