Korg microKey Air 25 Bluetooth and USB MIDI Controller

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We here at Jackson Audio Music Supply are excited to offer the the Korg microKey controllers for your on the go or up and coming studio needs. Do you have too many wires in your studio? Are they literally holding you back from the freedom of different configurations and setups? Korg, creators of the best-selling microKEY series and the next-gen microKEY2 series can help you break free with the new microKEY Air series of wireless MIDI controllers! The microKEY Air supports Bluetooth Smart “Apple Bluetooth Low Energy MIDI”. You can easily connect wirelessly to iPad/iPhone music apps such as Korg Gadget, Korg Module, and GarageBand, as well as any MIDI-capable music production software on your Mac or Windows. Painstaking tuning of the Bluetooth capabilities means high stability and low latency, no strings – or wires – attached. There is still the option of traditional USB connection with your devices without the need to install a driver! This compact controller features Korg's Natural Touch mini keyboard which has been carefully designed to assure playability while staying compact, and makes it easy to play chords or rapid phrases.

Korg has lowered the price on this unit quite substantially so, now is a great time to check this unit out. 

Thanks for checking it out at JAMS. Visit our store location to see this unit in person or take advantage of our shipping option and have this sent to your door! For more information or further details please contact us. 

JAMS is an authorized dealer for Korg Keyboards and accessories. 

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